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Flyer Chat is a platform for creating in-app chat experiences using React Native or Flutter. This is the documentation for chat UI implementation for React Native.


Ever estimated a simple chat for weeks of work? Didn't want to start because it is always the same boring work for an extended period of time? Was it moved to post MVP because of lack of time and resources? Were you left with a frustrated client, who couldn't understand why the thing that exists in almost every app takes that much time to implement?

We are trying to solve all this by working on a Flyer Chat.

You will say that there are libraries out there that will help create chats, but we are working on a more complete solution - very similar on completely different platforms like React Native and Flutter (we don't always work in just one) with an optional Firebase BaaS, since chat is not only UI. We are making this free and open-source so together we can create a product that works for everyone.