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Question mark shows optional types.

dateDividerFormat?stringDate format used for dividers
flatListProps?FlatListProps<MessageType.Any[]>Main flat list props
inputProps?InputAdditionalPropsAdditional props for the components that are on the bottom bar
isAttachmentUploading?booleanIf true, shows spinner instead of attachment button, useful to show while something is being uploaded
l10nOverride?...See localization
locale?...See localization
messagesMessageType.Any[]Messages array
messageTimeFormat?stringTime format under messages
onAttachmentPress?() => voidCalled when attachment button is pressed
onFilePress?(message: MessageType.File) => voidCalled when user taps on a file message
onPreviewDataFetched?({ message, previewData }: { message: MessageType.Text; previewData: PreviewData }) => voidCalled when a link that is found in the text is unwrapped in a rich preview. Use it to save the data.
onSendPress(message: MessageType.PartialText) => voidCalled when send button is pressed, use message parameter to create a text message
renderFileMessage?(message: MessageType.File, messageWidth: number) => React.ReactNodeRender prop for the file message
renderImageMessage?(message: MessageType.Image, messageWidth: number) => React.ReactNodeRender prop for the image message
renderTextMessage?(message: MessageType.Text, messageWidth: number) => React.ReactNodeRender prop for the text message
textInputProps?TextInputPropsMain input props
theme?...See themes
userUserCurrent logged in user, used to determine the message author


attachmentButtonProps?AttachmentButtonAdditionalPropsAdditional props for the attachment button
attachmentCircularActivityIndicatorProps?CircularActivityIndicatorPropsSpinner props (see isAttachmentUploading)


touchableOpacityProps?TouchableOpacityPropsAttachment button's touchable props


colorColorValueSpinner's color
size?numberSpinner's size
style?StyleProp<ViewStyle>Spinner's container styles